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Prozone is a local Edmonton asphalt paving company and contractor that is pleased to offer a full range of asphalt services. Whether you are looking for asphalt repairs or require a new road, our personnel can assist you with all of your paving needs. Our expertise is in providing asphalt contracting to local municipalities, commercial businesses, and industrial sites. Our experienced pavers are committed to providing the best asphalt services through using top quality materials, equipment, and paving techniques. Allowing for roads, driveways, parking lots, and pavement that is durable, safe, and will withstand the test of time.


We offer a wide spectrum of concrete services to meet your needs. If you are looking for custom stamped concrete, sidewalk paving, or need a new driveway, let our qualified staff help you. Prozone supplies and places concrete for any site development application. We can create hand formed concrete structures for virtually any cross-sectional concrete profile, including City of Edmonton profiles, commercial properties, industrial sites, and more. Our high quality concrete production is the perfect complement to our company’s scope of work and it allows us to provide our customers with complete construction services.

Snow Removal

We provide snow removal and ice removal services so that you can travel with ease. Providing complete snow removal services such as snow plowing, hauling, sanding, as well as clearing sidewalks, salting, and removing ice and de-icer. Prozone is equipped with state-of-the-art commercial grade graders, front-end loaders, skid-steers, and sanding units, as well as small sweepers, snow blowers, and sidewalk crews. We believe in providing detailed full snow plowing and clearing services that keep your property safe. Prozone is available twenty-four hours a day to aid you in relocating and removing snow from your site.

About Prozone

At Prozone, we believe in providing you the best services in the market today.

As one of Edmonton’s top concrete contractors we are fully equipped with the latest technology and highly trained professionals to meet all your concrete needs. From basic concrete repairs, removals, replacements or new profiles, our team can provide you with the necessary construction services for projects of all sizes. Our main focus is to offer cost effective concrete solutions that are resilient to high traffic areas and harsh Alberta climate.

Having started out our company focusing on concrete and asphalt paving our expertise in road construction/maintenance is unparalleled. Whether you require asphalt repairs, patching, overlay paving, removal or new builds, all of our services are executed with the highest quality equipment and workmanship in the industry. In addition, we also offer infrared patching for asphalt/road repairs as well as services requiring thermoplastic application. Infrared patching is one of the newest solutions and technologies in the industry today, and it is also an inexpensive and long-term solution for asphalt reclaiming. While being one of the few companies in Edmonton able to offer these wide range of services.

With a dedicated staff of professionals, we offer a service that is second to none and focused on quality. By sustaining a profitable and diversified organization committed to personal and corporate growth, as we can partner with our clients to provide the best quality of service. One that is built on trust, respect and teamwork.
At Prozone, safety is our top priority. With a focus on training/development, we support involvement of employees and management in safety training, hazard prevention, daily meetings and tool box talks. In keeping up-to-date with protocols, by having monthly company wide safety meetings with our employees to gain suggestions and new procedures brought forth. With our safety committee, we are always updating the standards and protocol and taking the lead in the industry to provide the proactive component rather than to be reactive.

In addition to our focus on safety and training, we are also committed to finding environmentally friendly solutions on our contracting projects; whether it is recycling concrete on removal projects or filtering the dust from concrete grinding. We appreciate your interest in Prozone and look forward to having a future that includes you.

asphalt & concrete


Asphalt repair services for potholes, cracks, irrigated areas, damage due to weather on all pavement surfaces.

Concrete Services

We can repair, fix, or replace any structural damages that have been caused by water, poor installation, or design.


Snow Removal Services

We provide full snow removal services for commercial areas such as offices, shopping centers, medical facilities, retail stores, and industrial properties.


With outstanding commitment from our entire team from our management to our employees, we believe we have an excellent safety record and safety culture. Prozone provides our employees with access to numerous Personal Protective Equipment, as well as safety training and company orientations.

Prozone is a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association, as well as ARCHA and partakes in numerous of their very educating and important safety courses. We believe that the education of our employees is a key component to success in the safety department at Prozone. In doing so, it also complies and ensures compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and refers to this document as well as their information contact line on a regular basis.

Prozone has and maintains their COR by performing yearly internal audits, external audits on a three-year basis, and by introducing and enforcing key components from the ACSA audit document. Through monitoring, observations, interviews and documentation Prozone improves the company Health & Safety Program regularly..

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